Open Source Infrastructure

About Open Source Infrastructure aka #opensourceinfra

In addition to listing existing open source infrastructure, this community applies the ethos of #opensourceinfra:

When you run your infrastructure the way you run your open source project, you are practicing #opensourceinfra.

Hallmarks of open infra are: configurations are shared openly in a source code repo; you conduct planning and decision making in the open; generally following the open source way in running your infra community; applying the four freedoms to your infra details.

Our practice and experience is that when you run your infrastructure openly following the same precepts as your code, you gain many similar benefits for your infrastructure:

Note that these concepts can be practiced inside of your organization and may be helpful with modernizing your processes and achieving alignment by getting your users and developers more closely involved with / aware of your operations. This is sometimes called inner source.


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We had our first event at March 2, 2017 in Pasadena at the Southern California Linux Expo! Content has been added post-event here.

Open Source Infrastructure List

This list arose following the creation of the OpenStack Infrastructure team, which builds the open source infrastructure for the open source OpenStack project. Everything the team touches is open source!

In the course of working to build this infrastructure, it was discovered that several teams were doing similar work. The following is a list of those open source infrastructures for open source projects.

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Do you know about an open source infrastructure for an open source project that you want to see in this list? Let me know! You have several ways of doing so:


Q: What is the criteria for inclusion on this site?

A: It must be an open source project with an open source infrastructure. Projects that operate a fully open source infrastructure are preferred and may soon be split into a specific section. However, if the project has a partially open source infrastructure that may be valuable to other projects and organizations, that may be added as well.

Q: This is a site about Open Source Infrastructures, but you host the code for this site on GitLab, why not host it yourself?

A: GitLab is open source software, so satisfies my personal requirements for tooling. I have enough work to do without hosting my own GitLab instance :)